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Perfect Barbell

The Perfect Barbell is one of our most luxurious and hi-tech products.

A 4 foot long barbell with 2 possible configurations.

This barbell is attached to a programmable and sophisticated weight management system that can simulated a load of up to 500 lbs, in 5 lb increments.

The barbell itself only weighs 10lbs.

The Perfect Barbell comes with a barbell, a platform, a weight stack, and a touch screen with programmable and performance recording capabilities.

The Perfect Barbell can store up to 10 different profiles.

Some of the exciting and patented features of the Perfect Barbell:

"Spotter" feature, if Perfect Barbell detects the bar moved has slowed or stalled, potentially since the user is struggling, it will automatically reduce the weight by 5 lbs every second, until the barbell begins moving. This extra security allows you to push yourself beyond your limits, safely.

"Encouragement" feature: If there is a decrease in bar speed, the Perfect Barbell has a selection of voices, which can shout encouragements and reminders. Users can upload

"Dropset" feature: which can be voice activated or programmed, automatically decreases the weight, when commanded or after a number of repetitions, during a set.

"Force Equalizer" feature: since exercises have different sticking points, positions during the range of motion where an exercise is easier or harder, the Perfect Barbell will increase and decrease the weight during an exercise so that the stress felt by the muscles remains the same. The Perfect Barbell will calibrate according to a user's performance and sticking points.

Emergency stop voice commands.







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